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Photography I is a year-long course introducing and integrating both traditional and digital photography. Students will learn the terminology and techniques of black and white photography, build a pinhole camera, work with both film and digital cameras, learn safe use and handling of photochemistry, and how to make prints, mount and display finished work. Once there is a basic understanding of the composition techniques and aesthetics of photography as art, students will incorporate PhotoShop into their work. They will examine the history and development of photography including its historical impact on today’s world while developing a critical eye. Students will be introduced to careers in photography and recognize the cultural and historical significance of a cross-section of photographers nationally and internationally. Students will be expected to create a body of work including a portfolio which will reflect their ability to see through the eye of a photographer. Digital or film camera required.


Photography II is a year-long course designed to develop more advanced studio techniques by building on the knowledge and skills introduced in Photo 1. Students will work with more technically-advanced photographic equipment including more in-depth work with lighting, digital processes, experimental photo techniques, and PhotoShop. Students will focus on developing a distinctive personal style and will pursue individual interests, learning to critique their work. By continued exploration of photographic styles, they will be able to link photography to diverse disciplines and professions. Students will create a portfolio and body of work that demonstrates their growth as a photographer. Digital or film camera required.


Photo III is an advanced photography course that will provide students with opportunities to extend and advance their knowledge and skills in the field of photography. Students will be expected to work independently, writing project proposals and focus on visual storytelling. This is designed for students who are highly motivated and want to pursue photography on a deeper level.