Freshman Family Orientation: Christian Service

JPII Student Center
All freshmen and their parents are asked to attend the Christian Service Learning Orientation. This mandatory event will provide students and parents with important information about the Christian Service Learning program at MC and the requirements for graduation.

At the orientation, you will hear testimonials from students who will be showcasing their final Christian Service Projects that are part of their junior theology curriculum.  Following their presentation, you will have a chance to meet with an array of local agencies who will give you the details of many wonderful opportunities right here in Marin. The evening will allow students to reflect on where they can “shine their light” best, and work towards this graduation requirement.

The service component is an integral part of the educational experience at Marin Catholic which invites students to live out the school mission of Faith, Knowledge, and Service in their community. We want our students to reflect on their service, to gain understanding about people’s lives and witness how our society does or does not take care of its most vulnerable members. The focus is on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching and the responsibility each of us has to the greater world around us while living out the gospel values.