The Marin Catholic Library Program promotes the appreciation of literature and provides guidance in locating and evaluating print and online information. The Librarian provides instruction in the research process and in the utilization of technology to achieve curricular goals. The Library provides support to individual students, small groups and whole classes across the curriculum.

CSLA Information Literacy Curriculum
(Excerpted from Standards and Guidelines for Strong School Libraries. California School Library Association. 2004)

College Prep Library Research Resources

  • College level online research databases
  • Online access to MC print, DVD and archival resources
  • 10,000 books and eBooks
  • 135 DVDs
  • 108 MacBooks
  • 12 iPads
  • Headphones, power devices, flash drives, cameras, photocopier, printer and scanners
"MC's library has tons of resources for research, and the librarians are always willing to help out with anything students need." - Sophia Doerschlag '19

"The library is the one place on campus where I can go to complete my work in a healthy environment and collaborate with other students. The abundance of resources and technology efficiently promotes success in learning." - Emma Page '19

"MC's library is an awesome place to study, do homework, and read a book. Going into the library every morning is a great way to start off my day!"

"I use the library as a quiet place to focus on school work. The peaceful atmosphere has helped me calm down in times when my printer at home was broken or I had a big test the following block."  - Gabriella von Esmarch '19


School Librarian
Kate Zamacona (

Assistant Librarian
Suzanne Gooder

Library Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 7:15-6:00pm
Friday: 7:15-4:00pm.

Library Staff