Technology is changing the way in which we navigate the world. It has changed the way we move through life and how we, as teachers, teach and how our students learn in the classroom. With technology comes great responsibility and knowledge. Students are challenged to use technology to be more flexible, innovative thinkers and to understand and respect the moral and ethical issues related to their use of technology.

Marin Catholic provides dynamic, effective technology tools to support key curricular  and instructional focus, communication and professional development in ways that promote learning for today’s students.  Both students and teachers use technology as an essential part of their everyday lives.  It affords students an experience they couldn’t otherwise have. It boosts connectivity and engagement. Using education technology is about discovering tools that allow you to do things you couldn’t otherwise do. These tools are there to enhance learning, which doesn’t look the same classroom to classroom and school to school.

Marin Catholic provides a secure network with wireless Internet access everywhere on campus. In addition, all classrooms are equipped with an Apple TV to project student work, videos and much more. Every faculty member is provided their own MacBook Pro laptop, along with ongoing professional development.

Marin Catholic uses the “Bring Your Own Apple Laptop” Device model for the freshman class. Sophomore, junior and senior students are asked to bring an Apple device of their choice- either an iPad or laptop during this transitional time.  Being a single platform school has many benefits. Managing the infrastructure is easier. Apple has built powerful safeguards into all of their devices, operating systems, apps, and services to make these devices less vulnerable to viruses and malware.  Being an apple device school can be a powerful teaching assistant, helping a teacher guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track.  Student and teacher support becomes less time consuming and allows teachers to focus on teaching, so students can focus on learning.

Digital Citizenship

At Marin Catholic, we are dedicated to teaching digital citizenship to young people. As we integrate more technology into the classroom, Marin Catholic is committed to teach our students to use their devices in enriching and responsible ways. Digital citizenship doesn't end in the classroom. Home environments also shape kids' relationships with technology. While we promote technology use for learning, fun, and bringing people together, it's also important to balance media and tech use with undistracted face-to-face time.