There are over 30 clubs offered at Marin Catholic. Clubs are a great way to get involved at MC. Clubs provide outside the classroom learning and an opportunity to get to know new people who share and want to explore mutual interests. MC encourages student involvement in the development of programs and services that complement their academic pursuits.

All clubs are student-based, student-run and student-centered, although club moderators are available to help guide the organizations. Whether it is providing leadership development opportunities to students, helping plan an event, assisting to develop programming or solve problems, we assist student leaders and guide organizations that greatly enrich every student's experience at MC.

Club Rush, which takes place in the Fall, is an opportunity to learn more about the clubs on campus. While this is a great opportunity to join clubs of interest, students can join at any time throughout the year. 

Don't see a club that speaks to your passion? Share your idea with Mr. Manfredi and Ms. Meyers, Co-Directors of Student Activities or Ms. Funk, Assistant Principal for Student Life.


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  • Art Club

    The Art Club exists to help nurture and feed the artistic desire in every MC student who wants to connect with his or her inner artist. We create for students, regardless of their artistic academic level, an outlet to take action toward a change from a rigorous academic schedule with the hope to make a difference and establish another forum for communication while reaching both the school and outside community. The Art Club seeks to teach students that they have a voice and to train them to use that voice as they continue their path to their purpose here at Marin Catholic High School.

    Katie Kindelan 
  • Beach Volleyball

    The Beach Volleyball Club is for those students who love to be outside and play volleyball. It is for all students no matter their level of experience. Bi-weekly gatherings are held at Piper Park or College of Marin Sand Volleyball courts to learn and compete in beach volleyball. This is a great way for students to meet some wonderful people and compete on the sand!
  • Bee Club

    As our mission, we are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the honeybee.  To accomplish that goal, we put an emphasis on education of the public in the value of the honeybee as a pollinator and the perils that it now faces and education of the novice beekeeper in proper management of a colony. Additional goals of the club include to foster an interest in beekeeping on our campus, to sponsor promotions involving beekeeping such as harvesting honey, making wax candles, and participating in citizen science projects to monitor the health of our colonies at Marin Catholic.

    Michael Brady
    Peter Berkhout
  • Body Positivity

    A safe, non-judgmental club to explore personal views on beauty, health, and body image. An opportunity to connect to the wonderful, natural resources available within us, such as love, intuition, strength, and understanding to transform our relationship with our bodies to one of trust and compassion. A club that encourages healthy ways to care for ourselves, while promoting kindness towards others, and oneself, and brings awareness to the MC community. Based on the belief that we are all uniquely beautiful, created in God’s image and likeness, and that each of us therefore has infinite dignity and worth. 

    Rachel Wood
  • California Scholarship Federation

    The California Scholarship Federation seeks to recognize students with high academic standards. CSF holds a yearly school supply drive to support our sister school in El Carmen.

    Kate Zamacona
    Suzanne Gooder
  • Cancer Awareness Club

    The Cancer Awareness Club raises money to help cancer patients. Over the past few years, our main fundraiser has been in conjunction with the Girl’s League to during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month when we raise hundreds of dollars to donate to Breast Cancer research and support of patients. In the Spring, we do a Joy Drive to raise money for toys for kids going through cancer treatment. We also do smaller projects such as putting together craft kits for kids undergoing treatment. We also have had small groups be involved in cancer walks, etc.

    Terrie Freni Johnson
  • Computer Programming

    The computer programming club serves to promote and foster interest in computer programming within the Marin Catholic student body through the use of cutting edge technologies and programming languages. Through teaching students how to program, the club aims to give students real world problem solving skills that can be used not only within school but also in the working world.

    Yushum Yuen
  • Environmental Club

    The Environmental Club seeks to engage and support our MC community in its pursuit of an environmentally sustainable future. Club activities include fundraising to support efforts for a school garden, inspirational field trips, a locker clean-out drive to collect and reuse used school supplies, and leadership opportunities for interested parties. The Environmental Club also seeks to eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles on campus, develop a successful composting effort, and reduce Marin Catholic’s production of landfill waste.
    Erik Schmitz
  • Fair Trade

    The Fair Trade Club works to promote the mission of Fair Trade both on and off campus. They raise awareness about Fair Trade through two big campus events each semester.  If you want to make a difference and be an advocate, then then Fair Trade club is for you.

    Lynn Maloney
  • Girl's League

    The goal of Girls League is to encourage young women at Marin Catholic to branch out and meet new people. Girls League focuses on positivity, comfort, and encouragement, providing a safe, nonjudgmental space for its members to become acquainted with other young women in the MC community.

    Lisa Ingels
  • Investment Club

    The Investment Club teaches students about financial responsibility and how to wisely invest their money.  

    Peter Berkhout
  • Italian Club

    In the Italian Club, students learn about the culture and language of Italy through activities and outings. These activities, such as going to the San Francisco Opera, enjoying the Italian Film Festival, watching the Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco, preparing Italian food, and discussing current Italian events, promote a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for Italian culture.

    Jeanine Gruenwald
  • Math Club

    In the Math Club, a group of students who love math and problem-solving meet to solve interesting and challenging math and logic problems. Students also prepare for and participate in the American Math Competition (at MC) and the TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science) Competition (at Stanford University).
    Michael Onofre
    Anna Marie Smith
  • MC Live (Performing Arts)

    MC LIVE is a student run production open to all Marin Catholic students. Anyone can be a part of MC LIVE - it requires no experience and has many opportunities. MC LIVE is created, produced, and performed by students. It is a comedy sketch show that is very similar to the popular show Saturday Night Live. MC LIVE’S main goal is to incorporate students from all aspects of MC, and produce an entertaining and funny show for the community to see. MC LIVE was founded this year and hopes to be a part of the Marin Catholic community for years to come.

    Molly Bell
  • MC Vision (Photo/Film)

    MC Vision gives students an opportunity to express themselves through a shared passion for photography and film. We focus on exploring the beautiful world around us and documenting our adventures. We strive to inspire each other, learn from one another, and discover ways to give back.

    Laurie Reemsnyder
  • Mock Trial

    The Mock Trial program’s purpose at Marin Catholic and in Marin County is to teach students about the judicial system while instilling in them analytical, communicative, and critical thinking skills. Students gain insight into how they, on a very practical level, have responsibilities and duties as active members of society. Working alongside trained lawyers and judges, students focus on one hypothetical case, created by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, throughout the season. Ultimately the season culminates in a county competition in late January that includes a majority of high schools in Marin County—all competing against one another in separate trials over the course of two weekends. The winner of the county competition then moves onto the state level, where that winner proceeds to the national competition.
    Paul Hamel
  • Multi Cultural

    Foster a community within the minority populations and their allies at Marin Catholic.  Create a support network for its members and families.  Provide an intentional space for building bridges to connect students across their differences.  

    Melanie Aguas
  • Music with a Mission

    "Music With A Mission" is a nonprofit service club that was founded to live out Marin Catholic’s mission of service by bringing music to those in need of company and happiness. This club strives to share the joy of music with our community and unite others in a special way.

    Ben Lauffer
  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society promotes four pillars of excellence: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. NHS’s major projects at Marin Catholic include a Thanksgiving Food Drive (in partnership with the Marin Food Bank), a Christmas Adopt-A-Family Gift Drive, and year-round peer tutoring.
    Joan Caraluggio
    Jessica Kraus
  • Newspaper - The Roar

    The Roar is Marin Catholic’s student-run, online newspaper. This club offers opportunities for young writers to publish their work and gain experience and insight into the world of professional journalism. There are no prerequisites to join, and all grade levels are welcome! Click here to view The Roar!

    Roxanne Civarello
    Amy Stoll

  • Outer Space

    The Outer Space Club was created to encourage an interest in the vast universe itself. By going on stargazing trips (with our impressive telescope) and stirring up intellectual discussions (ranging from star formation to dark matter), we hope to gain some more knowledge about the strange and mysterious universe we inhabit. No prior knowledge is necessary! We just hope to spark an interest in anyone who is curious about what the broad universe may contain.
    Peter Berkhout
  • Political Science

    The political discussion club offers students an opportunity to participate in discussing and debating current social, economic and political issues.  Meetings are held each Thursday during lunch.  The club has ground rules that guarantee civility and even-tempered exchanges on issues ranging from the qualifications of political candidates to gun control to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Tom Thompson
  • Roar Core

    Roar Core is a student group that promotes school spirit at Games of the Week, MCAL championships, and NCS championships. MC Sports Live supports Roar Core by covering different athletic events through recap videos and social media updates. The main goal of Roar Core and MC Sports Live is to show support for every athletic team on campus.   Anyone can and is encouraged to get involved- the easiest way to do this is to show up at a game and demonstrate your wildcat pride.  

    Adam Callan
    Lynn Maloney
    Gina Jaeger
  • Science Alliance

    In Science Alliance, we learn about science through fun experiments that we would normally not get the chance to conduct in an ordinary science class. Through experiments like making oobleck, flaming pumpkins, and dry ice bubbles, we are able to witness the fascinating natural world! We also do fun competitions, such as the egg drop contest. 
    Carri Polizzotti
  • St. Vincent de Paul

    The St. Vincent de Paul Club is an organized group of individuals that works to raise awareness on international issues such as slavery, oppression, and health concerns. The club collects clothes for local clothes drives every January, receives donations for overseas causes during Lent, and holds regular bake sales in support of worthy causes.

    Joe Tassone
  • Students for Life

    The Respect Life Club is an organization of faculty members and students whose mission is to uphold the dignity of human life. The club promotes belief in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of every human person from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. The club participates in 40 Days for Life and the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco; volunteers at Pregnancy Centers; hosts an “Adopt-A-Mom” fundraiser to help at-risk mothers; and supports pro-life events in our community.

    Nicole Florin
  • Ukulele

    Aloha! Ukulele Connection is a student run club that celebrates the beautiful sound of the ukulele! In this club, students learn simple songs and chords on the uke. Our effort is to share the ukulele to those beyond Marin Catholic. We integrate the MC virtue of service by bringing the club and playing at care homes. The club does not require a student to have prior experience at playing the ukulele, but instead a positive attitude. If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the club please feel free to email one of the club’s co-presidents.

    Mimi Murphy
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    The Ultimate Frisbee Club was formed to help assimilate some recreational fun into students' school days.  It is a chance to play together and a way to help blow off some steam. At our meetings, we organize into several teams and present the rules for those who aren't familiar with the game yet.  Then we begin playing as soon as possible so that everyone there gets a chance to participate. There aren't many clubs where the main purpose is to enjoy and compete in an organized, yet laid back sport! It's going to be a great year!

    Sister Teresa Benedicta
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook is comprised of a small group of students with a passion for photography, layout & design and journalism. Students on yearbook are dedicated to documenting and publishing the school yearbook. Students learn and improve on their journalism, writing, editing and photography skills, as well as teamwork, time management, leadership and the importance of meeting deadlines. 
    Yearbook meetings take place twice per week in addition to at-home hours to complete assigned weekly tasks. While being a member of this club is a time commitment, members gain lifelong skills that will help them throughout college and in their careers, as well as a whole lot of fun creating the book together as a staff.
    The staff is always looking for organized students with these interests to join the team. Interested? Get rewarded and join yearbook. We'd love to have you! Contact the club moderators for more information!

    Mimi Murphy
    Amy Stoll


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