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Matthew Smilor

Texas Christian University
Matt Smilor directs the international and nationally award-winning Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures™ program in the Neeley Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Texas Christian University. In this capacity, he helps individuals from around the world develop plans for profitable enterprises that impact society in meaningful ways. He is an expert in social entrepreneurship start-ups, millennial businesses and businesses that not only create profits but also create meaning and have value. He has been involved in the growth, logistics and success of multiple businesses and start-ups, planned and implemented major events, and collaborated with a wide range of people and organizations. He is a multiple industry operational expert with the ability to plan, direct, and administer all operational activities. Along with experience in business operations, program and project facilitation, and processes within the telecommunications, hospitality and insurance industries, he has been able to help companies obtain annual revenue growth and expenditure minimization through increased sales, marketing, fundraising and supply chain optimization techniques. Matt has a successful track record of completing successful company initiatives through the hiring, placement and training of key personnel as well as able to prepare, analyze and interpret data to maximize value while eliminating wasteful processes. Matt holds an MBA from The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University and a bachelors in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.