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Marin Catholic provides a challenging college preparatory curriculum for all of our students. Along with the development and enhancement of essential skills, the required course of study encourages exploration and awareness. Successful completion of the academic program, which includes choosing the most rigorous course of study one can handle, qualifies a student for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities.
Our students enroll in seven courses each semester – with an average class size of 24 students. Additional opportunities exist at all grade levels through our Honors and AP courses.
Marin Catholic offers Honors courses for qualified freshmen in an effort to foster an even more challenging course of study for students who are ready to meet that challenge. 
At the sophomore, junior and senior level, opportunities to take these courses increase. Students who meet academic qualifications are eligible to enroll in these accelerated courses at any time.

Freshman Course of Study

  • Algebra, Geometry or Geometry Honors
  • Biology or Biology Honors
  • English 9 or English 9 Honors
  • Foundations of History 1 or Foundations of History I Honors
  • World Language (Italian or Spanish)
  • Elective


Marin Catholic students take 7 classes, and each school day is comprised of 4 class meetings. Each class is 75 minutes long to create opportunities for a variety of teaching strategies and in-depth learning. There are built-in advisory periods called CATS that provide dedicated time for academic study, support, and student life activities (campus ministry, clubs, class meetings).

Sample Class Schedule