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Elective offerings at Marin Catholic are tailored to both the needs and the desires of a student. The following visual and performing art elective offerings satisfy both the MC graduation requirement and the UC/CSU Visual and Performing Arts requirement for admissions. During the course request process, students select their first and second choice for their elective. If they do not receive their first elective, they will have an opportunity to enroll in the course at the sophomore level.     

Students choose from the following Visual and Performing Arts (year-long) courses:
  • Acting I
  • Art I
  • Contemporary Music Ensemble
  • Instrumental Music I
  • Music Production I
Please note: if a student has prior musical experience, they will be required to audition to be placed in the appropriate level elective. 
Academic Support 9 Elective (year-long): Limited to students who have been accepted into our Academic Support Center (ASC). Please see our Academic Support Center page for more information on how to qualify for this program.