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The Theology curriculum is designed to help our students understand their relationship with God and their fellow human beings in light of the Scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church in the modern world. 
  • Freshman year offers an introduction to Catholic belief and practice with emphasis on the roots of the faith and making moral choices in today’s world.
  • Sophomore year, our students survey God’s continual invitation to relationship with Him through an examination of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
  • Junior year theology course is a deeper exploration of Christian anthropology, philosophy, and moral principles, as well as virtues in light of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. 
  • Senior year, our students may choose to explore theology through the Theological Investigations course or Honors Theology 12. The Investigations course begins with heavy philosophical emphasis which lays the foundations for theological inquiry and discovery understanding the reasonableness of the Catholic faith. The honors course is a survey of the history of Catholic spirituality and practice. 
All students are required to complete four years of Theology, participate in a retreat each year, and complete 100 hours of Christian Service.


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  • Theology 9 - An Introduction to Faith and Catholicism

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