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At Marin Catholic, we offer Italian and Spanish. The main goal for World Language students at Marin Catholic is the ability to demonstrate practical, meaningful use of the language, appropriate to the level completed. The curriculum is defined in terms of communicative functions that students can perform in the four skills areas — listening, speaking, reading and writing. 
Students have the opportunity to study Italian or Spanish. Each language is offered from the introductory level through the advanced level. Incoming freshmen interested in taking Spanish will take the MC Spanish Placement Test to determine the most appropriate level for placement. Placement tests take place in April. In order to maximize language exposure and learning, we encourage Heritage Spanish speakers, those that have a personal, familial or community connection to Spanish but have received the majority of their formal education in English, to take Italian.

All students must take a minimum of two years of the same language in order to graduate. Many students opt to continue their language studies beyond the two year requirement. 
These courses are designed for true beginners and thus no background in the language is presumed or required. All language skills - listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing - are developed through in-class activities. We place an emphasis on creative and communication-oriented activities that reflect typical situations students may encounter when using the target language outside of the classroom. To succeed in the study of Italian and Spanish, students must be willing to participate actively in class activities.

  • Spanish I
  • Italian I
  • Spanish II, Spanish III, Honors Spanish III, Spanish IV, Advanced Placement Spanish
  • Italian II, Italian III, Honors Italian III, Honors Italian IV
In addition to the four communication skills, the World Language program incorporates the study of the diverse cultures that are inherent to the target languages. In keeping with our Duc in Altum motto, we challenge students to go beyond the surface level understanding of cultures to dive into a deeper understanding of our global community. This approach develops understanding of and respect for people whose way of life may seem different from those of our students. In addition, our students gain an increased awareness of their own cultural background and an appreciation for the value of cultural diversity, giving them an advantage in our world.