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The Math Department at Marin Catholic offers a variety of courses that prepare students for college and beyond. Our curriculum develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills through inductive and deductive reasoning. Using projects and technology along with traditional teaching methodologies, our teachers encourage students to learn independently as well as to interact in groups.
Regardless of their level, all students have the opportunity to take four years of mathematics at Marin Catholic. Students with a strong math aptitude are encouraged to take the most rigorous math curriculum available to them. Depending on their grade and teacher recommendations, some students take two math courses in one year.
Since students enter Marin Catholic with a wide variety of math backgrounds, the freshman curriculum provides an opportunity for a student to be placed in one of four courses. Freshman placement is determined by the following: the MC Math Placement Test, the middle school transcript, and eighth-grade teacher recommendation.
The classes offered in the MC Mathematics Department are as follows: