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Marin Catholic’s Academic Support Center (ASC) serves students with diagnosed learning differences. The program currently serves about 125 students. Each year, students have the opportunity to work with a consultant or enroll in an ASC class. Participation in the program is voluntary and is provided at no additional cost to families.
The purpose of the program is to provide ASC students additional support in the MC college preparatory school environment. Based on analysis and data from current neuropsychological assessments, the ASC Director creates Learning Support Plans (LSPs) which are communicated to classroom teachers to help them understand each student’s learning strengths and challenges and provide the appropriate accommodations to maximize the success of each student. When students embrace learning how they learn, they develop the necessary executive functioning and communication skills to succeed independently.

Lower division students have the option to register for an ASC class as an elective for which they earn grades and credit towards graduation.The class focuses on the ASC’s five pillars of executive functioning and meta-cognitive skills: Self-monitoring, Preparation, Adaptability, Curiosity, and Endurance. Students not enrolled in the class  may meet regularly with a consultant at the ASC, typically during break or CATS. Upper division students may enroll in a guided Independent Study class or meet with an upper division consultant who will provide additional support for college preparation.

Students in the program include individuals with documented learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and processing disorders. Please note that in order to qualify for the ASC, families must provide current documentation confirming a learning difference with a student’s application for admission. Typically, the ASC receives neuropsychological evaluations provided by public schools (cognitive and achievement tests completed prior to a determination of eligibility) or private evaluations by a licensed provider. The confidential information provided by the documentation helps the ASC Director determine whether to recommend the ASC class versus consultation and provides the basis for the LSP at MC. Once a family provides complete documentation and enrolls at MC, they will receive an invitation from the ASC Director to meet before the summer break to discuss their student’s strengths, challenges, and hopes. The process allows the ASC Director to craft an appropriate LSP in a timely way, so that the student understands the scope of the plan before starting at MC in the fall.

*If a student requires extended time on the entrance exam, we must receive a separate “application for extended time” in addition to the documentation provided with the application. This additional application may be obtained through the Admissions Office upon request.