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The Visual and Performing Arts Department, through its curriculum, reflects our philosophy of developing the whole person. Our purpose is to direct each student in recognizing and developing his or her creativity through the Arts.
The courses in the Department are designed to assist students in forming an appreciation of the arts and to develop skills that are commensurate with their interests, talents, and abilities. We consider the study of the Arts to be an essential component in a student’s secondary education by continuing to develop their critical and cognitive thinking skills. 
All students are required to have one year of a Visual/Performing Arts course to satisfy the graduation requirement. Many students choose to take more!


Performing Arts Courses:
  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Acting III Honors
  • Music Production I
  • Music Production II
  • Contemporary Music I: Vocal & Instrumental
  • Contemporary Music II: Vocal & Instrumental
  • Chamber Music Ensemble
  • Drama Internship
  • Film and Television Studies
  • Honors Music Theory
  • Instrumental Music
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Music Internship

Visual Arts Courses:
  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art III Honors
  • Art III: Drawing & Painting
  • Art III: Introduction To Portraiture
  • Art Internship
  • AP Studio Art (2-D or 3-D Design)
  • Ceramics I
  • Ceramics II
  • Ceramics Internship
  • Photography I
  • Photography II
  • Photography III
  • Photography III Honors
  • Photography Internship